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Texas Troubles

Comprehensive List of all the Texas Trouble Documents
  1. Meeting of the Denton County Vigilante Committee, July 1860
  2. The Burning of Downtown Dallas, July 8, 1860
  3. Daily Picayune, August 19, 1860
  4. Suspicious Characters
  5. Letter from Dallas to State Gazette
  6. You arrived in Dallas just in time to witness the following hanging
  7. Interview of a neighbor of Crill Miller, farmer who had his barn burned to the ground
  8. Letter from Charles C. Pryor, editor of the Dallas Herald
  9. Slaves Arrested
  10. Plot Revealed
  11. You have been caught asking too many questions
  12. Comments from Out of State Newspapers
  13. Bailey Letter found in Fort Worth
  14. Crisis at Hand
  15. Meeting of people of Tarrant County, September 11, 1860, and Resolutions Adopted
  16. Lynching of William H. Crawford
  17. Letter from Benjamin Bowman about the Troubles
  18. Hanging in Gilmer
  19. Hangings at Tennessee Colony
  20. Are you of Northern Birth?
  21. Clerk Hanged in Waxahachie
  22. Spontaneous Combustion of “Prairies Matches”
  23. Warning that Plot is True
  24. Poison determined to be harmless preparation
  25. Reminiscences about the Troubles
  26. Incendiary Plan
  27. Poisoning of Water Source
  28. Henderson Fire
  29. Finding of the Henderson Vigilance Committee
  30. Hanging in Georgetown
  31. Warning from correspondent of the New York Herald
  32. You are picked up and questioned along with another man traveling
  33. You meet a fellow traveler who warns you of the dangers of traveling through the state
  34. Paris Press argues that plot doesn’t exist
  35. Letter from Congressman John H. Reagan about the Troubles
  36. Insurrection in Rusk
  37. Report from Chapel Hill
  38. Missing Marshall Woman Found
  39. Plot Politically Motivated?
  40. Letter from Special Correspondent of the Picayune from Richmond, TX
  41. Foiled Insurrection
  42. Are the fires a conspiracy to sway voters?
  43. Stories of fires exaggerated
  44. Houston’s Speech claiming that the Plot was put on for Political Purposes
  45. State Gazette Rebukes Houston’s Charge of Political Aggravation
  46. Political Conspiracy?
  47. Review of Assignment
  48. Texas State Gazette - Background Information
  49. Map of Texas Counties
  50. Map of Black Slaves as a Percentage of Total Population, 1860
  51. Bibliography